In the modern day fire service with depleted staffing levels, who performs your basic yet essential truck company functions?

  1. 1.    Do we combine companies?
  2. 2.    Do we comnine fire houses?
  3. 3.    Do we have a mutual aid agreement with nieghboring cities?
  4. 4.    Do we have the right tools for the job?

In many departments across America these are questions that must be answered not when the bells go off for a fire, but during everyday operations. This program will examine staffing level priorities and tasks that cannot be neglected on the fire ground by truck company members.

Topics covered are the following, by not limited too:

  1. 1.    Size up, locating the fire, & utilizing the “search rope”.
  2. 2.    South Florida light wieght building construction “old vs. new”. Does it matter? Balloon Frame vs. plateform framing is it pertains to fire spread.
  3. 3.    Forcibe entry: Hurricane impact glass, window bars, different techniques for forcing inward and outward swinging doors.  Overhead sectional, rolling, and sheet curtian doors etc…
  4. 4.    Proper tools for the job.
  5. 5.    Rotary saw safety and operation to include a variety of blades and their uses.
  6. 6.    VES & search & rescue. Venting for fire & venting for life.
  7. 7.    Can we really operate like the big cities? 

The job of truck company members is a thankless one. We hope that this program will serve as a vivid reminder that the medic rig, ladder, or tower ladder in your fire department plays a vital role in determining the outcome of lives that must be saved in your commnunity.