1403 Live Fire Training Instructor Program

To participate in the class the student must be a State Certified Firefighter II, must be a Firefighter I Instructor, and must bring Personal Protective Equipment (if the student does not have access to a SCBA, one can be provided).

This class teaches the information that is required to pass the State Exam to be a Live Fire Training Instructor I.

Some of the topics that are in this class are: Safety in conducting a live burn, NFPA 1402, NFPA 1403, How to plan and conduct burns at an acquired structure, How to conduct burns at a recognized burn structure, All laws pertaining to a burn, What agencies are required to be contacted to have a burn and case studies of fire burns that have gone wrong.  The student must actively participate in burns to show their abilities to lead a group and to work at an assigned function at the burn (i.e. Interior Safety Officer, Overall Safety Officer, Incident Commander, Rapid Intervention Team, etc.).

This course is designed to deliver a comprehensive live-fire training program in accordance with NFPA standards 1231, 1402, 1403, and 1500. Both lecture and practical will be used, allowing participants to apply knowledge of the above standards to live fire training activities. After successful completion of the course, students will be eligible for an area specific ISFSI Live Fire Instructor Credential.  The Live Fire Instructor Credential program is divided in three parts:

1. Live Fire Instructor Fixed Facility
  •     Gas Fire Facilities
  •     Class ‘A” Facilities
2. Live Fire Instructor Acquired Structure (expected launch date not available)
3. Live Fire Instructor Burn Boss (expected launch late 2012)
The program will certify you for three (3) years and will require a minimum of four (4) hours live fire / 1403 continuing education upgrade training from ISFSI and a minimum of one (1) documented burn in each credentialed discipline per year to maintain the credential. To take this course, you must already be certified as Instructor I or higher and a certified firefighter II.
After successful completion of this course, students will receive an ISFSI Accredited, “Live Fire Instructor” Credential in the applicable area of Live Fire Training.  This credential is valid for three (3) years from the date of course completion.