This course is intended to reduce the number of fire fighters killed or injured while performing their duties on an annual basis. During this program, you will gain a greater understanding of fire fighter survival terminology, developing a survival attitude, increasing situational awareness, and being trained in problem- solving techniques so you can become more self reliant in an emergency. The Denver drill, SCBA low profile maneuvers, & managing your mayday are just a few important drills we will cover. 

Case studies will be reviewed to outline factors common in many line-of-duty deaths (LODDs) across the nation.


  • Understand the components of the Personal Alert Safety System (PASS) and how it is used to protect the safety and survival of the firefighter.
  • Utilize the proper method/technique of approaching a downed/trapped firefighter using the S.A.F.E. system
  • Understand the difference between a rollover/flameover and flashover.
  • Identify the five most common Safety Engine/RIT search techniques used to locate a downed or missing firefighter.
  • Identify the six limitations of air supply when using self-contained breathing apparatus.
  • Understand the four recommended methods of orientation when using a search line.