About National Rescue Consultants

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Who We Are

Our Mission Statement-

National Rescue Consultants is committed to providing the highest level of fire service training to our dedicated brothers & sisters. We are dedicated to produce the best possible product through well trained, dedicated, competent, humble and safety conscious professionals.

A group of instructors with high regards to honor, integrity, diversity, and respect while always focusing on teamwork. We believe this is essential for the cohesiveness to our many levels of our trade.   -Train to live-

Our Vision Statement-

It is our vision at National Rescue Consultants to be internationally recognized as an all encompassing, all professional and all service training provider. This will be accomplished by developing and maintaining a strategy of formulating new and better ways while using the traditional training that is relevant.

We will form professional partnerships, hire exceptional members, develop efficiencies in service provision to ensure cost effectiveness training, fiscal sustainability for the entire organization and maintain core infrastructure.

This shall be accomplished through intellectual distinction of global ideology using innovative technology and tradition to advance fire industry learning worldwide.

Our Strategy

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