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National Rescue Consultants is the premiere source for fire training. NRC provides real life on site training capabilities customized to your needs. NRC will travel all fifty states and can also expand out of the country. We provide the most realistic fire training services in the country.

Technical Rescue

Consulting Services

National Rescue Consultants are unmatched in emergency management, compliance, and safety expertise. Whether you are a large corporation, a military installation, or a small owner-operator, we can review firsthand your needs and deliver suitable solutions.

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Upcoming Classes

View our list of upcoming courses in your area. Follow this link to register and purchase the class being held.

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Course Offerings

National Rescue Consultants offers many certificate level courses customized for your department. Contact us for a specialized course hosted at your department.

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What they said about us

“When I look for training, I always research the organization first. Herb has character and ethics required to lead a growing company. The feedback from his courses have been outstanding and I’m proud to be affiliated with National Rescue Consultants.Herb and his staff are always willing to lend a helping hand to me and our department’s TRT team.”
Alan Davis - FireEtrainging.com:
The courses I took with National Rescue Consultants are helping change the trajectory of my career. I take my responsibilities seriously and NRC made me better at my job. I am thankful, and ready to apply everything I leaned.
Engineer B. Ryan:
National Rescue Consultants provided high quality technical rescue training on site, at a competitive price point. The customer service from staff and instructors truly set them apart from the rest.
B/C Matty Battalion Chief of Hazardous Materials:
“National Rescue Consultants provides a high level of quality training, by knowledgeable instructors in multiple disciplines of technical rescue, that builds confidence and high level community service to citizens based on obtained knowledge.”
Lt. Richard Shirk:
The training provided by National Rescue Consultants is awesome. They provide highly advanced skills and well developed curriculum that make for a great learning environment.
Lt. D. Hernandez:
After taking technical rescue classes through National Rescue Consultants, and classes elsewhere, it doesn’t even come close. The NRC instructors are top-notch, subject matter experts of their trade. They’re not just instructors, but also members of various TRT teams, both local and federal. Great training equipment, real-life scenarios with real props, and organized class-flow with zero down time. If you want the knowledge to last a career and not just a cert with your name on it, check out NRC, you won’t regret it.
Matthew Hyman: